About Us

Entertaining The World

Global Attractions fulfils a clear requirement in the entertainment & leisure industry. Which is to have a trusted company capable of assisting investors and operators with the full 360-degree support. There is a growing trend of new entertainment attractions and parks opened by investors that do not necessarily have the specific industry experience, as retailers or real estate companies, while the existing parks need to have access to the latest ideas and technology both in terms of immersive attractions, management and marketing techniques.

The Name Of The Game Is Reliability

When investors and operators invests their capital they need a partner/advisor competent in all aspects of the development, delivery and management of his investment and a partner that is capable of providing a service that is not limited to just an engineering solution.

Global Attractions benefits from the knowledge and support of our entire company group in terms of international presence, engineering, management skills, procurement, project management, pricing, marketing, strategic positioning and finance. We offer all operators and investors an approach to the entertainment industry that provides complete support for the design, creation, delivery and management of Amusement Parks or Family Entertainment Centres.